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Watercolour Floral & Turquoise Swing Dress by Le Palais Vintage 

You’ll see a lot on here from Le Palais Vintage, the personal brand of pinup queen Miss Winny, because it’s the perfect line for collecting in China! 

Quality and fit are huge issues buying online in China, so the guaranteed high quality and consistent fits of Le Palais Vintage are a godsend. I buy a Medium in skirts and swing dresses for the nipped-in waist, and a Large in tight dresses and button-up shirts and dresses for comfort and to avoid straining the button-holes.

This dress has a particularly colourful abstract watercolour floral print on a light grey background, with turquoise accents on the hemline binding, bust piping and covered buttons, and looped shoulder-ties.

They perfectly match the turquoise head-scarf also from Le Palais Vintage, and this dress came with both an extra button for the bust detail and what I originally assumed was a spare shoulder tie, but have since learned is a waist tie! 

The lightweight cotton fabric is unlined in the skirt, but the high thread count means it glows in bright light instead of going see-through and shocking nana.

Unlike some other Le Palais Vintage dresses, this one has no pockets and has a fiddly invisible zip (my pet hate!). My husband was unable to do it up for me, but I discovered I can easily do the dress up back-to-front then spin it around. 

The bust is adjustable thanks to the shoulder tie and features lovely thick, shaped bust cups which completely prevent Janet Jackson moments and make my little chest-friends look great. 

I’ve got a short torso so I added a turquoise belt from a Bettie Page Clothing playsuit to smooth out the waist, but it’s not necessary. This is about as far as I’ll go for bright colours so I was pleased to see a pair of soft gray ballet flats matched nicely. If I could stand pink I’d probably wear cerise shoes to highlight the flowers, but we’ve all got our crosses to bear. 

If you live in China like me, you can pick up Le Palais Vintage at great prices – ¥231.57 CNY/$33.57 USD for this dress – from Miss Winny’s Taobao store (or through Baopals if you can’t read Chinese). For the rest of the world, you might pay more through Ali Express ($71.90 USD/¥495.96 CNY) but they’re still good prices for quality equal to the big girls. 

I hope you found this review helpful! 


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