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Lonely Hearts Club (a.k.a. Lonely) “Moon” Dress in Grey Crater Print

Story time! I was 20 when I first saw this dress, in my last year of a PR degree and doing work experience for a fashion PR company. 

Lonely – a.k.a. Hearts Club, as they were then known – had an offsite installation for Air NZ Fashion Week 2006 and it was my first proper fashion event. It was at a lighting studio and the space was filled with giant moon-hoppers and models in black masks and killer heels. It was 60’s futurism through and through, and I loved it. 

I met many wonderful people that day, and I fell in love with the brand. I continued doing work experience with the PR company after I graduated, and when the assistant position opened up I jumped at the chance. 

Over the next year I got to know the lovely Lonely designers, as well as a host of stylists, fashion editors, photographers and makeup artists I’m still in contact with today. 

It was a steep learning curve and it cemented my love of style over fashion. That world was not for me, nor I for it. I thought I’d love it, but I didn’t – and it’s not a place for people who don’t love it. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found that out in the best way possible; I’ll never have to wonder “What if…?” 

This dress represents the start of that journey for me, though I purchased it second-hand many years later. While in New Zealand I bought every Lonely piece I could find, fit and afford – I even bought some and had them delivered to my NZ house ahead of my first visit home from China! The fabric, design construction and fit of their garments are enthralling. The brand have gone from strength to strength, with Lonely Lingerie taking the world by storm. All this would have happened without me, but I wouldn’t have happened without all this. 

As for the Moon Dress itself, it is comfy, draped, flattering perfection – but only with a belt! 6-foot-tall models with Twiggy figures and practiced pouts can pull off the slouchy, unbelted silhouette, but I just look frumpy. 

The high-quality cotton t-shirting fabric hasn’t pulled or pilled in 11 years, and the irregular grey crater print is understated but dynamic. 

The tie-up shoulders have meant I’ve worn this dress at my biggest and my smallest, with the scoop neckline flattering my expanding and deflating bust in all its changeable glory.

I love the irregular hemline, long enough at its shortest to wear to work yet short enough at its longest to wear with boots of any height without making me look shorter. The oversized pockets are functional, but heavy things bang against ones legs while walking. 

I hope you’ve found this review helpful and enjoyed my little story! 


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